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The 24 in 24 | A Special Wish Foundation

For 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the final mile of The 24 in 24. And for 5 years I have watched this incredible event grow into something that is hard to put into words. In just 8 years it has raised over 1.5 million dollars to grant wishes for children battling life threatening illnesses.

Runners of all ages must run one mile every hour on the hour for 24 consecutive hours. This year being the coldest and windiest to date, these runners laid it all out there and gave it everything they had to accomplish this incredible challenge.

And So We Run

Over 200 children in Northeast Ohio benefit from the money raised. Food drops, movie nights, early access to arcades, princess meet and greets, big wishes, small wishes, and emergency wishes. The wish no one ever wants to have to make, are all made possible from The 24 in 24.

This year was a bit different role for me. While I typically photograph the runners being medaled by wish children at the end of their final mile, this year I got to go on Saturday and photograph all of the teams as well as the start of the first mile, I usually see the runners when they’ve been up for 24 + hours. This year seeing them start their first mile and also seeing them end their 24th mile on Sunday was amazing. These runners all have one thing on their mind, to have a medal placed around their neck by the child they spent all year fundraising for. To say it is emotional is an understatement.

This event would never had been made possible if it weren’t for Anna. Anna is the drive, the brains, and grit of what this event is. She is a one of a kind person and if she wants it, she’s going to get it. I think that’s a big reason as to why this event is so successful. From 15 runners to over 250 she, with the help of Eileen from A Special Wish Foundation, has created a village that is unmatched for the families in Northeast Ohio.

I can’t speak enough about how amazing and humbling this event really is and is something everyone needs to see in person.

Click here to learn about it and donate. Here to Sponsor. Here to Run

Some of my favorite photos from the last 5 years.

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