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Blogging is the perfect way to show some love for my couples.  I hope you enjoy getting to see apart of their day!

Beautiful late July Wedding | Sarah + Ross | Trisha McCarthy Photo

Woah, it’s been some time! But I am bound and determined to blog more this year. So here we are!

I am fortunate enough to have to prior couples recommend me to Sarah and Ross for their wedding day. I love working with couples who are friends with each other because I have amazing couples, who in turn surround themselves with amazing friends and being able to work with all of them makes my job a dream.

Sarah and Ross had an incredible day surrounded by people they love. I had never been to St. Noels before and my gosh was it stunning! The architecture, the light, the stone, the landscape- beautiful.


  • Oh my gosh Trisha you took the most beautiful pictures of my kids! Yes sarah is officially part of our family now! Thanks for helping make it so wonderful!
    Mom Teresa

  • Absolutely beautiful and stunning pics of the most beautiful couple. Congratulations to Sarah and Ross. It was such a gorgeous wedding and the reception was the nicest one ever!

  • Awesome photos! ♥️ Each one captured the beauty of a very special day.


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