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Sammi and Dave | Orchard Hills Park | Geauga

Good to be back

It seems like it has been years since I’ve got to photograph a gorgeous couple! Sammi and Dave’s engagement session was THE perfect way to officially start the wedding season, at the end of May. What a crazy and unpredictable year it has been. We decided on Orchard Hills Park by Patterson’s Fruit Farm for their session and it is one of my new favorite parks! There are so many great locations located all in one park, minus the ticks….. A LOT of ticks so be prepared for that. Bonus** You can always walk or drive up to Pattersons from Orchard Hills Park for a donut or pie!

Sammi and Dave

Can I just say I have continually had the most kind and wonderful couples in front of my camera. After having to reschedule their original session because of Coronavirus we finally had the opportunity to meet! Sammi and Dave where just the sweetest and we hit it off right away! Dave, in male fashion, hates having his picture taken but within the first twenty minutes or so I’d say he was having a good time 😉 Sammi and Dave also brought their adorable pup Scoot! He was so good the entire session and definitely stole the show when he was in the picture.

Why engagement sessions are crucial!

I truly believe that having an engagement photo session is crucial to a smooth wedding day. During an engagement session, everyone gets to see how each other works. I get to see what works and doesn’t work for you as a couple and you get to see how I work and what my flow is so once your wedding day comes along you know exactly what to expect. And when I’m yelling out poses at you, you’ll have been practicing all year and be pros! I don’t mean to say that if you don’t have an engagement session your wedding will be a flop. I’ve shot plenty of weddings, that for whatever reason, an engagement session didn’t happen- and that’s ok! But if possible I strongly suggest having your engagement photos done, it will only help on your wedding day!!

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