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Rainy October Wedding | Morgan : Dan | Noah’s Event Venue

Rainy October Wedding

Morgan and Dan’s wedding was my very last of the year and the only one that had rain the entire day. A rainy October Wedding isn’t really a surprise but it can make for stressful situations if you let it. Thankfully Morgan was all about portraits and changed things very last minute to make sure we had time to get outside (for like 15 minutes!) and capture SO many amazing portraits.

A lot of times, if you don’t have a planner, photographers tend to wear many hats on the day of a wedding. Brides often rely on the photographer to tell them what needs to happen, make suggestions when things are going crazy, and most importantly keep things on time. It is so important to have that type of relationship between the two of you because it can make or break a wedding day!

When I came to Morgan about the rain and what I thought would be the best route to go she said we can do whatever needed to be done to get pictures of her and Dan. As a photographer, this means a lot. And I’ve probably said it before but after the party’s over and the excitement wears off all you have are your pictures! Make adequate time for portraits and then add 15 minutes ;). So Morgan and Dan shared a first look and then we headed outside where it was just starting to pick up rain with some clear umbrellas and one single spot to shoot portraits in.

Fall leaves and rain

We truly could not have asked for a better spot. There was a super big tree that still had all of its fall colored leaves on it that was stopping 99% of the rain from coming through, so we set Morgan and Dan up and started their portraits. 15 minutes later we got back inside and the rain really started coming down. Shout out to my second shooter Mike for running around with umbrellas trying to keep everyone dry!

It was an amazing way to end my wedding season, rain or not, and I am so thankful to serve couples like Morgan and Dan who value what we do.

Morgan and Dan, CONGRATULATIONS! Wish you nothing but the best in your new marriage <3

Loved working with-

Ceremony and Reception- Noah’s Event Venue
Dress- CLE Bride by Expressions
Brides Maid and Groom(smen)- American Commodore Tuxedo
Florist- Daughter’s Florists
DJ- Skinny Boy Media
Cake- Peace, Love, and Little Donuts
Catering- Old Caroline Barbecue
Photographer- Trisha McCarthy Photo

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