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I got mad at my husband for going to work…

A few days ago Jake got home from work late, which is fine. Not a big deal. But I was so angry with him. I was angry because he got to go to work. Because he got to leave our property. Because he got to have a conversation with adults. Because he wasn’t
“stuck” inside all day because the weather has been crap. SO ridiculous! I was the victim and at that time there was no changing my mind about it. When all along I had the resources and ability to change my mindset, it just took me a day or so to get there. And while I know no one is stopping me from leaving,  it’s the right thing to do, especially with Graham being so little and vulnerable. I had no right to feel all those things but I did and I’m sure others have feelings like this. 

Being home with Graham these last 9 weeks have really taught me different ways to look at things and really evaluate how and why I may be feeling a certain way and how I have the ability to change it or at least come to the understanding as to why I’m feeling this way. 

 This morning we got out for a short 20-minute walk in between the rain that really put things into perspective. I passed two people on our walk and while both moved further away from us ( #socialdistancing  )BUT also said Hello and I hope you’re doing well.  The most we usually get is a wave and a “hi” and while this moment we are in is devastating and scary and so much is unknown it will bring us closer together. Be kind, take care of one another, protect the elderly, stay home if you can, thank a medical professional, stop hoarding things, and wash your hands. 

So while we’re all staying at home and feel trapped and alone take the long way to the mailbox, make frequent trips to the outside garbage can, pick up sticks in the yard, pull a few weeds, walk the dog or simply just grab a chair and sit outside for a few minutes and FaceTime a friend. 

Don’t sit around being angry for something we can’t control, don’t go out if you don’t absolutely have to, don’t be the victim and don’t be mad at a spouse for going to work because I’m sure if they had the choice they’d be home with you. 

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Below are some people I’ve been watching and have kind of inspired me to look at this in a different light.
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@k8_smallthings shes just super down to earth and a favorite
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