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Graham | Eight Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

Graham is eight months old and my oh my does the time go in an instant (excluding the hour and a half it takes at 3 am to get him to go back to sleep, that feels like 8 years).

We have really settled into a routine and the humdrum of life has kind of taken over. While I am ever so grateful we have (what feels like) hit our stride in this parenting thing I still find myself second-guessing every decision we make. Is he eating enough, is he eating too much, is he too hot or cold at night, why didn’t he nap well, how come he’s stopped sleeping through the night, when he does sleep through the night what did we do to make it happen? Basically anything and everything. In a million years I never could have imagined parenting being so hard yet the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Things to remember

-On the move! Mostly inch worming his way everywhere but occasionally string together some knee action
-He is ORNRY! Couldn’t tell you where he got that from 😉
-Trying so hard to pull himself up onto things
-REALLLLLLY hates things going over his head
-Loves to be passed around to people
-Likes to crawl to everything that will hurt him ie-fire place, outlets, cords, etc.
-Loves to watch the roomba vacuum
-No teeth yet
-Love to use his feet to pick things up and pass to his hands
-Likes to bang on walls, doors, floors

Like every month he is growing and learning everyday and still can’t believe I get to be his mom <3

He is getting harder and harder to photograph! If he is awake he wants to be on the go. I was taking some weeks upwards of 100 photos and now I’m lucky to take 25!

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