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Graham | Three Months |

Graham is THREE MONTHS OLD (WHAAATTT). Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day back to work, but with all of the crazy things going on with COVID-19 I am grateful that I will get a few more weeks home with Graham. He changes so much every day and is learning and doing new things, I can’t imagine missing any of it. While I love my job and I miss my co-workers and the amazing people in our program this extra time home will be so sweet.

Stay Home Life

While I can’t wait to be able to go anywhere and everywhere, we have settled into the stay home life pretty nicely and it has gotten so much easier than it was a few weeks ago when I was getting mad at Jake because he got to go to work :D. While some days it’s boring, all it takes is a little smile from Graham to remind me how lucky I am to be able to be home with him. He grows every day and one day he won’t want to lay on my chest and nap the day away.

Time Flies

I can’t believe how long ago it seems I was setting an alarm for every two hours to get up and feed to make sure he was gaining weight. Crying to Jake because I couldn’t get him to latch, going to the doctors for weight checks or obsessing about how much he was eating. Now it feels I could do all of this with my eyes closed (probably how they trick you into having another one, LOL).

Things to Remember

-He shrieks and giggles all day long
-He cat naps for 20-30 minutes all-day
-He is down for bed around 8 PM and will usually sleep until 4/5 am. Sometimes longer!
-Refuses the pacifier.
-He loves to lay on his changing table and look out the window.
-He smiles at Jake when he comes home from work (heart melting)
-He loves to take it all in and observe.
-He likes to watch the dogs move around, more so Jackson.
-He is a chatty Kathy and loves to talk in the morning after he has ate.
-His big morning stretches on his changing table.
-He is in size 2 diapers and 3-6month clothes!!
-His eyelashes are longer than mine.
-He likes it when Jake sings to him and plays music <3
-His first Easter!!
-14.5 pounds!

There’s no place I’d rather be then spending my days with Graham and watching him grow and I don’t want to take these extra days for granted. In just three short months he has changed our entire world and taught us so many new things.

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