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Graham | Ten Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

Graham is TEN MONTHS OLD! This month, like all, have just passed in an instant. He has really started to show some character this month. His favorite thing is shaking his head no and banging his head on chair backs or anything behind him, which usually ends up in tears because eventually, it hurts. He is also content just sitting and playing by himself for 20-30 minutes at a time. He loves anything with music or banging blocks or trucks together.

As this first-year winds down I find myself looking at pictures from his first few weeks at life and so many emotions rush over me. Happy, sad, excited, nervous, empowered, grateful- truly all of them. It makes me happy to see a thriving little boy grow up before my eyes yet sad to think about Graham’s time as my little -won’t nurse, won’t sleep, and exhausting baby was just a mere blip in his life. He’s now mastered all of those things and continues to learn and do more and more every day. I am excited to see just who this little fella is going to be but also just want to freeze him at this very moment because they are fleeting. I am nervous about the world he is growing up in and hope for him to be a positive light in it. I feel empowered that I’ve been able to nurse and continue to do so for him since we had an incredibly difficult time the first two months. Everyone says it’s a full-time job and they are right about that, although I am kind of excited to start weaning come January.

I am grateful for Jacob and the family and friends who have helped support us, care for us, and be there for us this crazy first year of life. It takes a village and I have a great one.

Things to remember:
-Second tooth
-Took a trip to Florida and hung with Papa and Gigi for a long weekend, you did great on the plane both ways
-You reach out with your hand and squeeze it when you want someone or something
-You are starting to let go while furniture walking
-You are LOUD! screeching is your favorite thing to do.
-We survived our first time change and were back on track the very next day.
– You are napping great and sleeping through the night!
-Sometimes you are standing in your crib waiting for me in the morning and it is my most favorite way to start my day.
-You L.O.V.E food. haven’t found much you don’t like.
-Your open mouth, wet, and toothy kisses are THE best.
-Love to watch dad or papa work outside
-Think you have green/hazel eyes like papa!

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