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Graham | Seven Months

Where’d my baby go?

Graham is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! This month has decided he must be busy 99% percent of this day. He hates when you walk out the room and really is interested in whatever is going on. While he isn’t crawling he can get to anywhere that he wants via rolling. If he wants a toy he can’t reach or is further away he will figure out a way to get there. And he’s QUICK! No more running to the bathroom or switching laundry, he’ll be across the room or even under the couch!

We’ve had a bit of hiccup with sleeping through the night but at the same time, I am reminded that this won’t last forever and the past seven months have flown by. So I am trying not to be frustrated having to get up a few extra times through the night. Although after a quick email and video with Littlezsleep we have really knocked out most of the waking.

Graham’s personality is continuing to come out and it is so special to watch him grow. Sometimes I swear I get home from work and he looks older.

Things to remember this month

  • Still no teeth, but constantly chewing on everything!
  • Your hair is getting darker and fuller
  • When you’re tired you play with your hair or hold your ear
  • Love to hang around in just your diaper, I blame Grandpa
  • Haven’t met a food you haven’t liked
  • 20 pounds and 9 month clothes
  • We have to shut the door and turn on the noise machine to feed you at bedtime because you want to look around and see what’s going on
  • Still unsure of your eye color, most days they look gray
  • You are always wanting to stand
  • You are pulling yourself up on things
  • Spitting up has pretty much stopped, except when I get dressed for work before I feed you, HAHA
  • Love to play peek a boo
  • Had your first boo boo, Grandpa cried harder about it than you did.
  • You are LOUD and always making noises
  • You make sure we know what you do and don’t want
  • You’ve mastered the game of- you throw your toys from your table and we pick them up.


  • Good grief, slow down Time😳. He’s growing up too fast, & cuter than “a button”! Hugs/kisses 🤗🥰 G & A


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