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Blogging is the perfect way to show some love for my couples.  I hope you enjoy getting to see apart of their day!

Graham | Nine Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

Going to keep it short and sweet this month as I’m already a week late! I truly do not know where the time goes. Totally kidding, it goes to chasing Graham around and moving him away from all of the dangerous things he loves.

So many new things this month it is hard to remember it all!

-A tooth!
-Followed by Graham’s first cold :(. It’s so hard to hear him cough and sniffle
-Pulling up onto everything and almost couch walking
-Climbing stairs
-Drinks fairly independently with a straw
-Just about out of 9-month clothes, definitely into 12-month sleepers with chubby thighs!
-Loves the dog water bowl
-Likes to watch when I vacuum
-All of a sudden not a fan of baths, especially having his hair rinsed out
-Loves to feed the dogs from his chair, and the dogs love it too.
-Loves his puffs and toast

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