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Graham | Five Months

Holy Moses, where did the month go. Graham is five months old! We had a lot of things happen and going on this month and I feel like it was May 13th three days ago. Yet here I am, a day late in writing and putting this together.

This past month was full of so much joy but also so much heartache with the passing of Jake’s mom. Amidst all the heartache and heaviness, Graham continues to be a light and hope for the future. It’s hard to be anything but happy when he’s around.

His personality is starting to peek out and it makes me want time to hurry to see who he is going to be, but then I am reminded just how fast that time I am impatiently waiting for is actually going as I pack away outfits he’s only worn once or not at all because they are too small. I have to remember that I will long for these days when I can I make it all better with just a back rub.

Several years ago when asked if we would have kids I would often respond I was unsure because I didn’t want to bring a child into a world like this. And now that he is here and most recently with the Black Lives Matter movement I realize there can be no change if there is no new life. I want Graham to be the change this world desperately needs, in whatever capacity he is capable of.

Things to remember

-17 pounds!
– 27’ish inches, he’s wiggly
-He sits up for a few seconds on his own
-Reaching and grabbing everything, ask the hair on the back of my head
-He started on food and so far so good!
-He gets distracted while eating VERY easily.
-Loves when you munch on his neck
-His hair is growing in and starting to be fuzzy on top towards the back
-Finding new noises to make along with consonant sounds.
-If he’s upset a quick walk outside will make it all better
-90% of the day is spent grabbing and holding his feet

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