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Graham | Eleven Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

And just like that in four short weeks Graham will be a year old. What a crazy upside down year it has been. I only have one more of these posts left and it is bittersweet. I am also super bummed we can’t have the big first birthday party but ya know, COVID sucks.

Graham has really come into his own this month. He is exactly like a sour patch kid- sour and sweet. Some things to remember-

-His thighs don’t fit into 12-month sleepers but his legs aren’t long enough for 18-month.
-He got your second top tooth, so he’ll have you’re two front teeth for Christmas;)
-When he gets tired he turns sour and scratches faces and necks.
-Graham loves the dogs and is always trying to grab them.
-He loves most foods, not a big fan of meat though.
-He LOVES music and dancing, any sort of music including commercial music. His current favorite is the “we buy any car” commercial. He will stop dead in his tracks if it comes on.
-He is a pro furniture walker and no real interest in walking unassisted yet.
-He sleeps for the most part very well! Some off days but growing is hard!
-He loves to facetime papa and gigi on the weekends
-Sometimes he waves hi/goodbye
-Dada is his favorite word
-Loves to yell at the dogs for drinking to much water, HAHA (wonder where he learned this from!)

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