Graham | Six Months

graham is six months, Trisha McCarthy photo

Graham is SIX MONTHS OLD! Where in the world has the time gone? If the rest of his childhood goes as fast as the past six months have, he’ll be graduating high school next month. This month was full of so much joy and love. We met a good majority of Jake’s extended family, took […]

Graham | Five Months

graham Franklin, five months old, baby boy

Holy Moses, where did the month go. Graham is five months old! We had a lot of things happen and going on this month and I feel like it was May 13th three days ago. Yet here I am, a day late in writing and putting this together. This past month was full of so […]

Sammi and Dave | Orchard Hills Park | Geauga

Good to be back It seems like it has been years since I’ve got to photograph a gorgeous couple! Sammi and Dave’s engagement session was THE perfect way to officially start the wedding season, at the end of May. What a crazy and unpredictable year it has been. We decided on Orchard Hills Park by […]

Graham | Four Months |

four month old, graham Franklin

Graham is FOUR MONTHS OLD! His personality is starting to come out and it is just the sweetest. For the most part, he is just a happy go lucky kind of dude. He’ll sit and watch fishing shows with Jake or sit in his chair and watch while I make dinner. Or more likely the […]

Graham | Three Months |

graham three months

Graham is THREE MONTHS OLD (WHAAATTT). Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day back to work, but with all of the crazy things going on with COVID-19 I am grateful that I will get a few more weeks home with Graham. He changes so much every day and is learning and doing new things, […]

I got mad at my husband for going to work…

A few days ago Jake got home from work late, which is fine. Not a big deal. But I was so angry with him. I was angry because he got to go to work. Because he got to leave our property. Because he got to have a conversation with adults. Because he wasn’t “stuck” inside […]

Graham | Two Months |

graham two months old, Trisha McCarthy photo

Where does the time go Graham is TWO MONTHS OLD! I tried all day to get to my computer to write Graham’s two-month blog, and just as I thought he was asleep or settled he would pop awake and need some cuddles or want to eat again. I’d be lying if I said this month […]

Graham | One Month | My Expectations vs Reality

Graham, expectation vs reality

I know, I know- everyone says that the time flies by, but until you’re in that time you really have no idea just how fast it goes. I am amazed that this tiny little person has been here for 1 month already. While I had an amazingly uneventful pregnancy and delivery that time crawled compared […]

Birth Story | Graham Franklin | January 13th, 2020

birth story, graham Franklin

I can’t believe as I’m finally sitting down to write this that it’s been three weeks since Graham was born!! After passing my due date of January 8th we decided that Sunday the 12th we would go in and start an induction. For the entire pregnancy, I wanted everything to happen naturally but on my […]