Graham | Nine Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

Going to keep it short and sweet this month as I’m already a week late! I truly do not know where the time goes. Totally kidding, it goes to chasing Graham around and moving him away from all of the dangerous things he loves. So many new things this month it is hard to remember […]

Save the date wedding cards | Basic Invite

save the date wedding cards basic invite

Planning a wedding? Looking for incredible and fully customizable save the date wedding cards and wedding invitations? Or currently, trying to figure out how to formally announce your change of date because of the pandemic?! Then keep on reading to find out more about why Basic Invite is one of my favorites for all of […]

Graham | Eight Months | Trisha McCarthy Photo

graham eight months old

Graham is eight months old and my oh my does the time go in an instant (excluding the hour and a half it takes at 3 am to get him to go back to sleep, that feels like 8 years). We have really settled into a routine and the humdrum of life has kind of […]

Sailboat Engagement | Jaclyn + Chris | Lake Erie

sailboat engagement photos Lake Erie

One of a kind When Jaclyn contacted me about photographing their engagement and wedding she had me hooked at…” We race sailboats together and would love to get some photos on the boat”. UMMMM YESSSSSSS. I was so excited about this sailboat engagement session because it was so different than anything I’ve photographed before! We […]

Graham | Seven Months

Trisha McCarthy photo, graham seven months

Where’d my baby go? Graham is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! This month has decided he must be busy 99% percent of this day. He hates when you walk out the room and really is interested in whatever is going on. While he isn’t crawling he can get to anywhere that he wants via rolling. If he […]

Graham | Six Months

graham is six months, Trisha McCarthy photo

Graham is SIX MONTHS OLD! Where in the world has the time gone? If the rest of his childhood goes as fast as the past six months have, he’ll be graduating high school next month. This month was full of so much joy and love. We met a good majority of Jake’s extended family, took […]

Graham | Five Months

graham Franklin, five months old, baby boy

Holy Moses, where did the month go. Graham is five months old! We had a lot of things happen and going on this month and I feel like it was May 13th three days ago. Yet here I am, a day late in writing and putting this together. This past month was full of so […]

Sammi and Dave | Orchard Hills Park | Geauga

Good to be back It seems like it has been years since I’ve got to photograph a gorgeous couple! Sammi and Dave’s engagement session was THE perfect way to officially start the wedding season, at the end of May. What a crazy and unpredictable year it has been. We decided on Orchard Hills Park by […]

Graham | Four Months |

four month old, graham Franklin

Graham is FOUR MONTHS OLD! His personality is starting to come out and it is just the sweetest. For the most part, he is just a happy go lucky kind of dude. He’ll sit and watch fishing shows with Jake or sit in his chair and watch while I make dinner. Or more likely the […]